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Invisalign Clear Braces by Lethbridge Dental Clinic

Invisible Braces For Teens

As teenagers are commonly the most self conscious about wearing braces, Invisalign is the perfect solution.  Nobody will usually even notice they are being worn, they are that subtle and discrete.

Invisalign For Adults

Sometimes adults need to focus on themselves.  If you have always wanted a straighter and more aesthetically pleasing smile, now might be the time of your life to look into clear braces.  Adults will appreciate that Invisalign Braces treatment can take merely a matter of months to improve your teeth.

Advanced Braces Technology

The Invisalign braces technology is so significantly better than the old metal braces.  Quite simply, they are just light weight clear plastic trays you wear on your teeth.  They are hardly noticable and they quickly adjust your teeth into the custom designed placement we ask them to.  In as little as a few months dental patients will see marked improvement and some even complete their Invisalign treatment that quickly.

Modern Teeth Straightening Technology

Many people are starting to hear about Invisalign braces and are wanting to get more information, perhaps you are one of them?  Here at our Lethbridge Dental Clinic, we are experienced with helping patients straighter their teeth for many years however with the new technology and materials available thanks to Invisalign clear braces, we are almost exclusively recommending it to your patients require orthodontic teeth straightening.

On this website you will find information about our clinic here in Lethbridge, as well as about our experienced staff of dentistry professionals.  You can read about our educational background, our success in the field of dentistry, and about our enthusiasm for providing great patient support.  We pride ourselves in treating you like family.  Also on this page you will find links to read about the Invisalign clear braces technology.  Most of this information comes right from their professional website and international dental journals and studies.  We encourage all patients to read more about the product and the technology, we also have more detailed information available in our office.


Lastly, we have information supplied directly from our patients.  Here in Alberta, we as Dentists are not allowed to show you “before and after” photos on the internet, as we don’t want you to believe that all patients in the world can have exactly the same results as others, but we are allowed to tell you that so far since we have started offering Invisalign clear braces at our clinic, 100% of our patients have provided us with positive feedback and 100% of our patients have had the beautiful results we anticipated prior to starting their treatment.  We are proud to share (with our clients consent) images of our actual patients.